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"Light Up the Year" is a delightful book that has a wonderful and unique way to teach children the months of the year. Debbie Hoven's detailed illustrations are lively and fun! As a a kindergarten teacher, I would recommend "Light Up the Year" as an engaging literary experience for young readers. 

Debbie Hoven's "Norman Loves the Lake" is a delightful ABC book for children. My kindergarten students loved Norman and all his adventures season by season. Debbie gave a wonderful presentation to our elementary students. My kindergartners were very engaged as Debbie shared more about Norman and how the journey of writing and illustrating allows Norman's experiences to come to life for her readers.

Nancy Hoffmann

Kindergarten Teacher

Minnewaska Elementary

Nancy Carlson

Minnesota Author

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Deb's new book "Light Up the Year" is perfect for the little ones she has taught for 40 years! Children will have fun learning the months of the year and all the holidays with her fun poems and artwork. It is exciting to see a student I worked with get down to the business of getting a picture book out there! No doubt with her experience as a teacher, she will make an excellent guest in any classroom sharing her new book. I can't wait to read it to my little granddaughter. I am proud of you Deb!